marcegaglia worldwide presence

The Marcegaglia team produces the highest quality steel grades, working with innovative control procedures to serve their customers and supply chains with excellent products

The high quality of steel is also linked to the great attention paid by Marcegaglia to the origin of raw materials, which is a strong point in the management of processes: Marcegaglia can in fact boast over 60 partnership agreements with the major steel suppliers in the five continents for over ten years, in order to obtain high quality raw materials.


The most important international process and product certifications testify the commitment of the R&D team in a permanent activity in all areas: Marcegaglia is often considered the benchmark for international certification authorities and is the forerunner of new and higher quality standards.


via Lumaca, 3
40054 Mezzolara di Budrio, Bologna - Italy
phone +39 . 051 804 91 11
fax +39 . 051 804 92 00

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