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leading manufacturer of handles and metal components for all product markets

Marcegaglia Oskar makes its customers' ideas a reality, accompanying them from the analysis of market demands to the design, prototyping, industrial manufacture, production and supply of market-ready products, offering more than 60 years of experience and meeting every challenge with a a proactive and innovation-oriented approach.

design system

With more than 60 years of expertise in the industrial sector, Marcegaglia Oskar offers its customers all the expertise required to reach the target market through the development, industrialization and manufacture of consumer goods.


Our extensive knowledge of the market and careful monitoring of any changes mean we are able to propose continuous optimizations to both products and commercial offering.


With in-depth technical knowledge of the material and vast experience in manufacturing finished products, we can identify the ideal solution for your project in terms of technical characteristics, performance, processes and aesthetic finishes.


If you have a project that you wish to industrialize, we can create a prototype to be tested for performance and possible critical issues, then analyze the results together.


Industrial innovation is the driver of our operations: we are always searching for ways to resolve the challenges posed by the market and by our customers' needs, optimizing each production stage.


5 tube factories, 3 powder coating lines and 25 tube machining and assembly plants, to meet the demand of numerous and diverse product markets.


Our breadth of know-how in the production, coating and machining of thin-walled, high-strength steel tubes and their assembly with a wide range of plastic components mean that Marcegaglia Oskar products can already be found in millions of homes worldwide as reliable and robust handles for household cleaning items, DIY products and components for clothes drying racks.
Their application is progressively growing in other product markets, benefiting from the competitive advantage of offering more lightweight solutions with equivalent or better performance, that can be produced with a reduced consumption of material and energy.

sustainable soul

For the Marcegaglia group, sustainability is not merely an opportunity; it is a tangible commitment to address the challenges of a world and market that are increasingly environmentally and socially conscious.

Marcegaglia group

As part of the Marcegaglia Group, a global leader in steel processing, Marcegaglia Oskar derives its strength from the commitment and creative talent of its employees, as well as from profitable relationships within the group: the main laboratories at the Ravenna and Forlì plants serve Marcegaglia Oskar's customers by researching the technical and chemical characteristics necessary to develop the most suitable material for each project.

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