Marcegaglia Oskar is the global industrial partner for the design, prototyping and production of tubular steel components, with a wide variety of applications across different market segments.

Marcegaglia Oskar offers creative technical solutions of the highest quality. Across numerous fields of application, the company is guided by its technological expertise and innovative strength towards the definition of efficient and automated processes, sustainable products, and advanced services.


The Marcegaglia Oskar plant in Mezzolara di Budrio (Bologna) features
m2 total area
tube factories
powder coating lines
tube machining
and assembly plants
million fixed and
telescopic tubes
produced each year


Founded in the 1960s initially as a brooms manufacturer, Marcegaglia Oskar has since specialized in the production of metal handles and finished products for household cleaning, painting and DIY, including custom designs.

In 1989, it became part of the Marcegaglia Group, which guarantees a constant supply of high-quality raw materials and coordinates synergies aimed at increasing productivity while optimizing costs.

Thanks to its experience in machining thin welded tubes made of cold-rolled, raw, and full hard strip, with in-line cutting, Marcegaglia Oskar has forged partnerships with leading companies in specific market sectors, designing and producing the most efficient solutions for optimizing their production processes.

The sales and production office in Mezzolara di Budrio (Bologna) manages client relations worldwide and distributes products in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Mediterranean basin.

Marcegaglia group

Marcegaglia Oskar's strength stems from the commitment and creative talent of its employees, but also from profitable relationships within the Marcegaglia group, in which manufacturing tubes is an integral part of the production chain, marked by assured and controlled quality of the raw material and all intermediate processes, up to the finished product.

Broad sector diversification and presence in multiple geographic areas allow Marcegaglia to escape being bound to the trends of any one business or area, thus ensuring great resilience, which is perhaps unique in the steel industry.

Furthermore, through partnership agreements with major steel suppliers across five continents, the group is able to source high-quality raw materials and various grades of steel: Marcegaglia can therefore overcome more successfully market volatility and consistently meet the needs of its customers.

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